Ramadhan Truffles Collection

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Ramadhan Truffles Collection

Considering the best food for breaking the fast, “Kurma” also tastes great, especially when they are mixed with dark chocolate.2 new truffles are launched for this season -- Pistachio Marzipan “Kurma” and Salted Almond “Kurma” truffles.

Get these new  truffles , together with other non-alcohol truffles, in our Ramadhan Truffles Collection.   It is a box of 16 truffles  consists of:

  • 4 pcs Pistachio Marzipan “Kurma”
  • 4 pcs  Salted Almond “Kurma”
  • 2 pcs Dark CHocolate
  • 2 pcs Matcha
  • 2 pcs Lemon Berry 
  • 2 pcs Oreo



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